Kim Young Won 


  Sculptor Kim's 40-year mark, maintaining a consistent orientation of realistic concrete sculpture, has been the traces of his efforts to find the human inner changes and fundamental principles by the endless encounters with the changing times.

Kim retired as professor and dean of fine arts at Hongik University 2012. He has been working as chairman of the board of the Korean Sculptors’ Association since 2008.

Kim is also known to the Korean public for the huge statue of King Sejong the Great (1397-1450) that sits in Gwanghwamun Plaza, central Seoul.

 Kim Young Won who has been working on the realism with the consistent material of the human body, was evaluated as a sculptor who led to re-evaluation of the essence and value of the Korean sculpture. His works world has been changed slightly depending on the age, in the 70-80s which was passed from an agricultural society to industrial society in the transitional period his works were made in order to protest contemporary situation terribly depressed with the critical point of view and works were made on the subject of the human body of gravity and zero gravity. In the 1990's, suffering fragmentation process caused by bisection of the society, through the process of dismantling he spread out the new work world. In dismantling operations professor Kim whose body and mind are tired after that meeting with energy, achievement, and line, through a direct manifestation of consciousness, check the inside of my own, wanted sympathetic to the outside world he created a kind of performance art, sculpture line, drawing line. Including the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1994, in a number of performance Arts Festival demonstrated the type of performance he left the result left as the sculpture and drawing. Entering the 2000s, our society as IT society had been made for the transition, throughout the art we were facing upheaval. Watching these turbulent flows, he was trying to find sculpture language worthy of the 2000s in the point of view through the line experience and in the reality western civilization has brought.

For the opposite World of experience and ideas, the development of the body, he made an effort to contain the integrated alternative, interpreting it narratively on his works.




Selected Exhibitions

Selected Collections

1936 Korea

B.F.A Hong-ik University, Korea

M.F.A Hong-ik University, Korea

2002, Kim Sejoong Sculpture Award

1989 ~ 1990 Winner of Sun Art Award

1982, Silver prize, Art Association Exhibition

1981, Special prize, National Art Exhibition

1980, Best Frontier Award, ‘The 7th Korea Times Art Award’

1980, Dong-A Art Award, ‘The 2nd Dong-A Times Art Award’

1978, 1979, Special prize, ‘ The 1, 2nd Jung-ang art Exhibition’

1975, The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Award, Mok-woo Association Exhibition

1974, Director’s Award, Mok-woo Association Exhibition

2022, The Icons, Woonjoonggallery, Seong nam 

2021 'Kim &Park',  Woonjoonggallery, Seong nam 

2016, Traces of Life and Death, Arario Gallery, Seoul 2014, Lost Beauty, Place Mak, Seoul

2014, Deep Rose, Arario Gallery, Seoul

2013, Without knowing it well, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2013, Endless Journey , Tongin Auction Gallery, Seoul 2012, A Bigger Splash : painting after performance , Tate Modern, London

2010 Yin and Yang, CSP 111 Art Space, Seoul 2008 Exhibition of Artist Gulim Kim, Gallery Bandi, Seoul 2

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(Korea)

Seoul Museum of Art


Nanjido Sunset Park



​주요 전시 

주요 작품 소장처

1947 경남 창원

홍익대학교 조소 학사

홍익대학교 대학원 조소 석사

前홍익대학교 미술 대학 학장 한국 조각가 협회 이사장 전국미술대학교, 디자인대학교 학장 협의회 회장

2008 제 7회 문신 미술상 대상 2002 김세중 기념사업회, 제16회 김세중 조각상

1989 ~ 1990 제 6-7회 선 미술상, 선화랑

1982 한국 미술협전 은상, 한국미술협회

1981 국전특선

1980제7회 한국미술대상전 우수프론티어상, 한국일보

1980 , 1981제29-30회 대한민국 미술전람회 특선, 한국문예진흥원

1980 제2회 동아미술제 동아미술상, 동아일보사

1978 , 1979제1-2회 중앙미술대전 특선

1975 제12회 목우회 공모전 문공부 장관상, 목우회

1974 제11회 목우회 공모전, 국립현대미술관장상, 목우회

2022 The Icons, 운중화랑, 성남

2021 우정전, 운중화랑 성남 

2011 생명과 명상의 조각-김영원展, 경남도립미술관

2008 선화랑

2007 큐브스페이스

2005 그림자의 그림자展, 성곡미술관

1999 드로잉-선, 금호미술관

1980 중력무중력, 문예진흥원 예술회관

외 다수

국립현대미술관, 서울시립미술관

광화문 세종대왕상 ,동대문디자인플라자(DDP), 장춘단 공원 3.1독립기념탑

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