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Moon E Won

72dpi_문이원_a black dance-1803an_지름120cm_m

Moon E won sees something special in the undervalued and disparaged. She asks us to reconsider and reframe these forgotten beauties. She has photographed them, sketched them, written poems about them, and produced these mosaics. Her art is a love letter and an offering for us to join in her appreciation. Her proposition to reconsider the weedy life is echoed by scientist and author Peter Del Tredici. He writes: “Weed is simply a word used to describe a plant a person does not want in the yard. It is a value judgment that reflects personal preferences. Remarkably, there seems to be no Latin word for an unwanted plant…”. He urges us to not eliminate the weed but rather “increase their ecological, social and aesthetic values”.

It is difficult not to consider this work of Ewon Moon’s a more general commentary on social injustice and the ways in which we as humans determine value in our word. In the study room at Gallery Korea for three months at least the weeds were anything but unwanted.




Selected Exhibitions

1977, Busan Korea

2015 MFA  University of British Columbia, Canada

​2003 MFA Hong-ik University, Korea​

2001​ BFA Hong-ik University, Korea

2019     Art Support Specialized Project of Seoul Foundation

              for Arts and Culture & Amore Pacific 
2018     KCCNY(Korean Cultural Center New York)-Call for Artist
2018     Gallery ParkYoung-Call for Artist
2008     Song-eun Fine Art Grand
2006     Song-eun Fine Art Grand
2002     Joong-ang Fine Art Grand
2002     UN World Peace Art Grand


2019     Pieces of the Wind, Artbit Gallery, Seoul
2018     a black Dance in the Air, Call for artist_Sarangbang Special Installation, Korean Cultural Centre, New York

2018     a Black Dance in the Air_a Gesture Drawn in the Air , Gallery Dos, Seoul

2009     What’s your plan B?, Gallery Is, Seoul
2006     Islands, Cott Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2004     Hidden Addiction, Lotte Gallery, Anyang, Gallery Fish, Seoul, Korea
2003     Echo and close_Stream of the East, Kwan-hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea



2019     To Find your own treasure_SECRET STORAGE , National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Cheongju, Korea
2019     Traditional patterns, meet_Art Support Specialized Project of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture & Amore Pacific, Sulwhagram, Korea
2019     Artprize Gangnam Roadshow <Royal Lounge, Seoul, Korea
2019     Cheongju International Craft Competition, Cheongju Culture & Art Factory, Cheongju, Korea
2019     Seoripul Art for Art <Kepco Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019     Walk of Art_ARTBOX. Project Zürich 1.0, SBB Event Hall, Zürich, Swiss

2019     Inter Style Dinning Project Munhwainga, Querencia House, Seoul, Korea

2019     花信風_A wind that tells you that the flower is about to bloom- call for artists, Gallery Pakyoung, Paju, Korea

2018     Sarangbang Special Installation-call for artists , Korean Cultural Centre, New York, the United States 

2018     Osan Museum of Art Collection, Osan Museum of Art, Osan, Korea
2016     Collaborative Project We, a शब्द/ شبد  (śabd) ,Korean Cultural Center, New Delhi, India
2016     Interstices <Incheon Art Platform G1 Gallery, Korea
2015     Intercultural U <Sty-Wat-Tan Hall, Vancouver, Canada
2015     Choosen Homeland: Searching for Women’s Identity & Unity, Korean Cultural Centre, Washington D.C., the United States 
2013     KOWIN Spain <Korean Cultural Centre, Madrid, Spain
2010     Korean Fantasy Painting-The Sensual Reinterpretation of Korean Paintings, Seoul museum of Art, Korea
2010     Going to, Kunst - Direkt gallery, Bayern, Germany 
2010     I don’t know you, In-cheon Culture & Arts Center, Korea
2007     Hello Chelsea! 2007, 35 Fine Art Gallery, New York
2007     ARWI International Art Fair, Puerto Rico Convention Center, Puerto Rico
2007     Human-Sea-Wind, In-cheon Culture & Arts Center, Korea


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